Laser Hair Removal
Apprentice 40 hrs Program (LHR)

Unwanted hair is a problem which affects many men and women. The majority of these people still use old fashioned methods such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis to handle these problems

The New Laser technology has earned a reputation for safety, efficacy and reliability for use in hair removal and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth without waxing or shaving.

As aesthetic laser hair removal gains popularity, Laser training  and certification are becoming more sought after and more and more aestheticians and nurses are making the decision to become involved in the field.
It is very important that aestheticians and nurses attending our laser program to have complete knowledge of laser physics, theory and undergo extensive and thorough laser hands-on experience.

The Program (6 days):

          Skin Structure
          Skin Clasification and Types
          Laser Theory
          Laser Physics   
          Laser Safety       
          Laser hazards
          Laser Burns
          Eye protection
          Laser Emergencies and how to deal with them
          Skin Reactions to Laser light
          CPR  certification
          Laser Safety Officer Certification
          Laser Apprentice 40 hrs certification
          Proper use of LHR device
          Anesthesia used with the procedure   
          Client interview for laser procedure
          Review client’s medical history
          Pre-existing conditions that affect Laser treatment
          Review client’s laser hair removal history      
          Review client’s current medication that can cause Laser injury 
          Consents and posting 
          eatment protocols         
          Post-treatment protocols and home care
          Extensive hands on
          laser hair removal


          $ 980.00

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