Laser Specialist Certification

RejuvBiomani Laser Certification Institute is the entity that can certifies you as CLS. The institute offers training, education and techniques that earns the CLS title which is  recognized in most of  the States as the 'gold standard' in laser education and the latest laser techniques and knowledge. This credential also lets the consumer knows that you are properly trained in the field of aesthetic laser applications. More over, as CLS you are highly sought by doctors and medical facilities.

Our Faculty are experienced laser treatment professionals. Through them, you will be taught the best practices and techniques. They are quite knowledgeable in their field and have performed thousands of procedures.

Our CLS certification course is 10 days, and will teach you everything you should know to become certified CLS.

Course outline :

Laser Theory
Laser Physics   
Laser Safety       
Laser hazards
Laser Burns
Eye protection
Laser Emergencies
Skin Structure
Skin Typing   
Skin Reactions to Laser light
Proper use of LHR device
Anesthesia used with the procedure   
Laser Consultation
Review client’s medical history
Pre-existing conditions that affect Laser treatment
Review client’s laser hair removal history      
Review client’s current medication that can cause Laser injury 
Consents and posting 
eatment protocols         
Post-treatment protocols

Extensive hands on Varius laser procedures:

2-Hair Removal
3-Fractional Laser
4-Scar Treatment
5-Pigmentation Treatment
6-Tattoo Removal
7-Wrinkles Reduction



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